Benefit from this multidimensional course, containing over 7h of videos, recordings and materials plus extensive downloadable information for you to understand how the chakra system works and how it can support your overall wellbeing, while learning how to balance it. Designed to be taken over 7 weeks, the course explores a chakra in each module, containing a personalised yoga sequence, guided meditation and sound healing session.

Hi, I’m Monica, Founder of Ingenium in Movement

I'm beyond excited to share this course with you. This immersion compiles a lifetime of learning and teaching yoga, mindfulness and sound healing.

My aim with this offering is for you to gain a better understanding of the chakra system and providing tools for you to be able to balance and improve your wellbeing anywhere, anytime.

Have fun! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions and hope to connect soon. Further info:

With love & purpose,

Monica x

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Guided Meditation

Calming and inspiring guided meditations with visualisations to open and channel every chakra, connecting with its unique attributes

Mindful Movement

Specific yoga poses and sequences designed to channel and enhance every chakra. Accessible for all levels, modifications included

Sound Healing

Bringing activation, balance and release to all chakras through a soothing sound healing session, accompanied of meditation and mantra